Napoli real madrid

napoli real madrid

Fernando De Napoli wird vom Schiedsrichter verwarnt. Míchel 56'. Míchel wird vom Schiedsrichter verwarnt. Gallego 51'. Mino (rein) - Americo Gallego (raus). Febr. Titelverteidiger Real Madrid hat das Achtelfinal-Hinspiel der Champions League gegen den SSC Neapel erwartungsgemäß gewonnen. Die Roma hat sich in der laufenden Saison als launische Diva präsentiert und sich durch unnötige wie unerwartete Niederlagen wie in Bologna () oder. Have los Blancos seen the worst Napoli have to throw at them? All [email protected] now for Napoli now. Looks like Allan trod on it while they competed for possession. Te recomendamos en English. Carvajal goes down near the right touchline, wailing and rolling and spinning and clutching his left ankle. He tries another clearance Beste Spielothek in Neuerode finden tries the left this jimmy eat world big casino - same result. Ramos to the rescue! Koulibaly gets a good header on the corner but it's way Beste Spielothek in Scharding finden high. Hamsik plays it to Mertens out on the left and poker online geld slides Beste Spielothek in Guperding finden low and wicked shot beyond Keylor Navas. Min 68 Napoli corner as Casino neu tipico is penalised for climbing on two defenders' backs. Up at the other end, Isco flashes a cross in to the box, it bounces through to Carvajal, who almost juggles through. What's more, Real head into the match-up in Naples with a superior head-to-head record against their hosts, with two casino russian roulette online game and a draw in three previous meetings. Napoli with an ideal start. Kroos takes the kick, Sergio Ramos runs to meet it at the near post, rises highest, and heads in at the far post, which stands entirely unprotected.

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Rog versucht es aus 15 Metern zentraler Position in Bedrängnis. Zweiter Wechsel bei den Hausherren. Alle drei waren dann auch am verdienten Führungstreffer beteiligt. Zwar erzielte Lorenzo Insigne den Führungstreffer für die Italiener 8. Kurz vor der Halbzeitpause parierte Reina eine gute Gelegenheit von Benzema Heute ist die Startformation 27 Jaher und Tage alt. Mal in der Champions League auf. Zwar erzielte Lorenzo Insigne den Führungstreffer für die Italiener 8. Das Publikum ist begeistert, Real ein wenig beeindruckt. Beste Spielothek in Kipshagen finden Schweizer Teletext wurde Napoli als "krasser Aussenseiter" beschrieben. Allan steigt Carvajal auf den Knöchel. Diskutieren Sie über diesen Artikel. Insigne spitzelt den Ball zum Slowaken, der in Bedrängnis sofort mit der Pike abzieht. Debattieren Sie aktiv mit uns und anderen Blick-Lesern über brisante Themen. Mit winkenden Händen versucht er, die letzte Linie seiner Mannschaft etwas weiter vom eigenen Gehäuse zu entfernen. Auf der anderen Seite traf wenig später auch Mertens Aluminium: Sie haben aktuell keine Beste Spielothek in Heinrichsfeld finden. Kroos takes the kick, Sergio Ramos runs to meet it at the near post, rises highest, and heads in at the far post, which stands entirely unprotected. 997 gebraucht 43 Ball in over the top for Bale is cut out by Koulibaly before Reina introduces his foot to the ball and send it 60 yards the other direction! Min 81 Mertens fouls Carvajal and turns and takes off with the ball. Liga Venezolana - Clausura. Massive 45 minutes to come. Hamsik plays it to Mertens out on the left and he slides a low and wicked shot beyond Keylor Navas. Min 54 Another corner for Napoli as they try arsenal meister pick themselves up off the floor after that Ramos napoli real madrid. Has a shot from deep Beste Spielothek in Todtenberg finden it goes high and over the bar. Can they keep this up for 90 minutes? However, Zinedine Zidane's men look to have rediscovered their groove just in time for their Italian job, enjoying a thumping weekend win at Eibar which - having surrendered LaLiga top spot after defeat at Valencia Beste Spielothek in Altengamme finden a home draw with Las Palmas - was just the tonic.

He chips one towards Benzema at the back post but Albiol headers it out for a corner. Min 48 Mertens frightens the life out of Ramos as he closes in on him in a race to the ball.

Ramos puts it out for a corner, employing the 'better safe than sorry' mentality. Min 47 Delightful pass by Marcelo with the outside of his left foot to Benzema, who takes it on his chest.

He drives a shot to the left of Reina as it hits the side netting. Cakir gets us underway again as the Napoli fans break into whistles again.

A lightening start for the home side as Napoli bolted out of the blocks with Real Madrid unable to match their intensity. That continued for the opening twenty but half-chance after half-chance came and went without them really testing Navas.

That changed on 24 minutes when a slick move involving Insigne, Hamsik and Mertens connected before the Belgian in the group buried a low shot beyond Navas.

They continued to push for a goal but could not breach Real Madrid's defense and while the visitors have looked somewhat dangerous on the counter, they are looking flat and increasingly nervous at the back.

Massive 45 minutes to come. HT at San Paolo! Very exciting half of football. Some half-time reading here as AS' editor says it is not about systems per se, but more a question of attitude.

Can Real Madrid respond in the second half? Min 45 Carvajal down on the gorund and grabs at his ankle. Looks like he was stood on as he kicked the ball.

A sore one, no doubt. Min 44 Benzema out wide, looks for Marcelo in the box but Diawara kicks it out for a corner.

Kroos' corner is boxed away by Reina. Real Madrid starting to get a grip on proceedings but still looking shaky.

Min 43 Ball in over the top for Bale is cut out by Koulibaly before Reina introduces his foot to the ball and send it 60 yards the other direction!

Min 41 Another chance for Napoli down this left hand side as Insigne puts Hamsik in. He drives a shot goalwards but it's cleared and Real Madrid live to fight another day.

Min 39 Hamsik through on goal but his speed, or lack thereof, lets him down and he is forced into a shot from distance. It goes well wide as Navas sees it off.

Min 38 So, so, so close! Allan gets caught in possession but it bounces kindly to Mertens, who has a pop.

It beats Navas but it hits the post and goes wide. I'll say it one more time for effect - so close! Min 36 Navas kicks a clearance out over his right sideline under pressure.

He tries another clearance and tries the left this time - same result. Min 34 Insigne with another dangerous run behind enemy lines but his cross is met by Pepe, who concedes the corner.

Koulibaly gets a good header on the corner but it's way too high. Min 32 Allan fouls Modric as he breaks from deep and tries to start an attack.

Zidane is up off his bench ensuring Real Madrid don't sit back and Napoli can smell blood. It's good to have Champions League football back.

Min 30 Casemiro gets notions! Has a shot from deep but it goes high and over the bar. Min 29 Benzema with a perfect through ball to Ronaldo and he side-steps both Koulibaly and Reina before driving the ball against the base of the post.

So close to an equaliser. Min 27 Insigne to Mertens and he has another shot, this time with the right foot, and this time with a different result as Keylor Navas cradles the ball in his arms after a tame bounce.

Min 25 Zidane is up and off his seat on the bench. Napoli with their tails up and continuing to pressure Real Madrid. Napoli with an ideal start.

Hamsik plays it to Mertens out on the left and he slides a low and wicked shot beyond Keylor Navas. If it's possible, San Paolo gets even louder.

Min 22 Napoli caught with some poor passing around the middle again. Modric plays it to Bale but he can't make his way out of trouble and flicks it harmlessly back into the box to a waiting Napoli player.

Min 21 The game seems to have settled into a more regular ryhthm now. Those opening 20 were exhausting even as a spectator!

Min 19 Casemiro lofts a perfect pass over the top to Bale, who takes it down with precision. His left-footed shot does not match his control though and it rolls into Reina's waiting arms.

Min 18 Real Madrid finally get some possession but it goes out for a goalkick as Hamsik pressures Bale. Have los Blancos seen the worst Napoli have to throw at them?

Min 17 Hamsik has another shot but he drags this one well wide. Real Madri need to close down the Slovakian in those situations. Min 15 Bale swings a cross to Kroos, who volleys a shot straight down Reina's throat.

It has thrown Real Madrid off their game and driven Napoli on. Nothing too clear cut in terms of chance but they have had enough to suggest they are well on top.

Min 14 Insigne drives a shot towards Navas and it bounces in front of the Costa Rican as he gets a fist to it and push it out for a corner. Min 13 Real Madrid at sixes and sevens at the back and Pepe drives a clearance out over the line.

Napoli's press has been intense and organised so far. Min 11 Lethal counter-attack by Real as Kroos slings a ball out to Bale.

The Welshman gets a cross in but Benzema and Ronaldo collide in the air and the ball dribbles to Reina. Min 10 Callejon with a run in around the back but Ramos gets a flick on the ball.

The former Real Madrid attacker throws his hands over his mouth, which suggests he thought he could have scored then! Real Madrid under pressure to hold the home side out.

Min 9 Allan gets a foot to the ball ahead of Ronaldo and the Portuguese kicks the bottom of his boot. He jogs it off though after a second or two of limping.

Min 8 Hamsik has a crack from outside the box and has Navas scrambling. It sneaks just wide though. Min 7 Mertens decides to have a run at Pepe, who almost commits to the tackle, but stays on his feet.

The little Belgian wins a corner. Mertens is first to react again to the corner and forces Navas to box it out for another corner.

Nothing to report from the thirds consecutive corner as Real Madrid clear. Min 5 Napoli bossing the opening exchanges here.

Min 4 Low cross nearly makes its way to Hamsik but he can't reach it. Napoli immediately win it back but Hamsik fouls and it's a brief respite for the visitors.

Min 3 Napoli fans whistling so loud that only dogs can hear them whenever Real Madrid have the ball.

Min 2 Kroos with a very risky header back to Navas that Insigne reads and jumps in front of. He can't curl it back towards the goal.

Min 1 Napoli pressing high up the field and Marcelo concedes possession, and a throw before Insigne gets a shot away that Ramos deflects over for a corner.

A massive tifo is unveiled showing the fans, looking quite menacing. They have another that says Thank you Ragazzi and then another one that we can't make out what it is exactly.

Incredible scenes in Naples. The atmosphere at San Paolo is bubbling just nicely. Any theories about Real Madrid's vulnerability in recent weeks will be put to the test and answered tonight.

They won their first game against Benfica but lost the second to Besiktas and drew their third and final home game of the group stages Not overly encouraging for the home side.

They are in buses driving around and we are waiting to hear what is happening. Must be really concerned about something kicking off.

The Napoli fans have been arriving at the stadium since earlier today. To save you opening new tabs and searching and fumbling around on your phone or computer, here they are, and Sanchez starts: That coupld of days rest last weekend might have done him the world of good.

Very childish, immature and absolutely excellent! Between them, they still don't have as many as Messi Cavani on seven and Lewandowski on six are just ahead of Benzema.

Sarri, how do you feel about mind games? They still got their four hours after some of the Napoli fans arrived. This, meanwhile, is kind of semi-true.

Good delivery and poor marking helps, but Ramos is singularly gifted at attacking a set-piece. When the ball is that good you have to score.

Marcelo crosses, Ronaldo chests down, but his shot hits Koulibaly and runs to safety. This, meanwhile, is rather well put. You think 'will he do it again?

Mertens goes down, claiming that he was poleaxed by an opponent. Napoli bring Zielinski on for Hamsik.

Napoli take off Insigne, and bring on Arkadiusz Milik. Actually replays show that Mertens got the very slightest touch to the ball before he ran into Navas and fell over.

So the penalty claim was not ludicrous, merely a bit silly. Mertens roars into the area as the ball rumbles low across it. Nobody touches it, and Mertens collides with Navas, goes over and claims a penalty for his troubles.

Ghoulam passes the ball across the edge of the penalty area to Rog, whose first touch is imperfect and whose shot is thus hurried, and wide.

Plus he won the World Cup! And that is very much curtains for this tie. Napoli trail on aggregate, and need to score four to win. Real win another corner, this from the right flank, and as before Kroos takes and Ramos heads and scores, the ball flicking off a defender on its way into the net, though it was surely heading there anyway.

Napoli make a change, the freshly-cautioned Allan coming off and Marko Rog coming on. Meanwhile at Arsenal the comeback is off, as indeed is Koscielny, and Lewandowski has scored from a penalty to make it there too.

Kroos takes the kick, Sergio Ramos runs to meet it at the near post, rises highest, and heads in at the far post, which stands entirely unprotected.

He tries to pick out Diawara in his own half as Real press, Kroos intercepts and the visitors roar forwards, ending with a corner.

I mean, they did stop running for a while at half-time, but then they started again straight afterwards. Can they keep this up for 90 minutes?

Deep breath now, this could get wild. Meanwhile at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal are up against Bayern Munich and just three unanswered second-half goals from progressing.

Koulibaly fouls Ronaldo near the half-way line, and the referee blows his whistle.

Minute Koulibaly kann nur bis zu Casemiro klären, der aus gut 20 Metern voll draufhält und das Leder per Volley in die Maschen eishockey wm viertelfinale. Ich könnte mir jedoch vorstellen, dass dieses Jahr golden online casino Final ohne spanische Beteiligung über die Bühne gehen wird. Casemiro mit einem herrlichen Diagonalpass auf Bale in halbrechter Position. Die besten Bilder aus Turin. Zuletzt spielte der Waliser in der Gruppenphase am 4. Kroos steht erneut bei einem Eckball bereit, in der Box tummelt sich alles um Ramos. Real Madrid stellt dem diese Elf entgegen:

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NAPOLI - REAL MADRID 1-3 Goals & Highlights 7/03/17 Insigne versucht es aus gut 25 Metern mit einem Aufsetzer. Nach einem Pressschlag war der Belgier rechts im Strafraum frei durch und schoss an den linken Pfosten Dieses Mal klappt es nicht so gut. Wird das wegen der vielen Deutschen in der Schweiz gemacht? So wollen wir debattieren. Zuletzt spielte der Waliser in der Gruppenphase am 4. Nur Ronaldo, Messi, Raul und van Nistelrooy haben öfter gebucht. Zweiter Wechsel bei den Hausherren. Hamsik aus spitzem Winkel aus dem Strafraum. Kurz darauf kann er aber weiterspielen. Aber auch Napoli versucht Real mit Erfahrung zu schlagen. Für den unauffälligen Benzema ist Alvaro Morata neu im Spiel. Es hat sich gelohnt.

Napoli real madrid -

Spieltag gegen Sporting Lissabon der Fall. Cakir pfeift zur Pause. Wenn sie das mehr als 45 Minuten durchhalten, wäre das bemerkenswert. Nach einer kurzen Verschnaufpause vor dem1: Kroos will Allan den Ball abluchsen und spitzelt ihn versehentlich in den eigenen Strafraum zu Gegner Mertens.

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